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Built With Chocolate Milk

Disclosure: BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK contacted me to write a sponsored blog post about TEAM CHOCOLATE MILK and their work with eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno. In return I was given a complimentary entry to Rock n Roll Seattle and a meet & greet with Apolo Ohno. Chocolate Milk is the Official REFUEL Beverage of Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

The Science Behind Chocolate Milk:

More than 20 studies support the benefits of recovering with the high-quality protein and nutrients in chocolate milk after a tough workout.

Chocolate milk is a natural source of high-quality protein to build lean muscle. It has the right mix of protein and carbs, scientifically shown to refuel exhausted muscles and help return muscles to peek potential. It provides fluids and electrolytes – like calcium, potassium and magnesium and sodium – to rehydrate and help replenish critical nutrients lost in sweat.

Team Chocolate Milk & Apolo Ohno

Apolo Ohno is an eight-time medalist for short-track speedskating and is recognized as the most decorated winter sports athlete of all time.

As part of this year’s BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign, they’ve launched a “Mission Apolo” series that challenges Apolo Ohno, to translate his power and speed to the sport of triathlon. With the help and training from experts on TEAM CHOCOLATE MILK, Apolo will compete in the 2014 IRONMAN World Championship Race in Kona.

Click on the picture above to see the latest Mission Apolo clip, which features Apolo, Jen Ator, Women’s Health Magazine fitness director and 6X IRONMAN Champ Luke McKenzie.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle 

As part of Apolo’s training routine, he will be running Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle!

During my meet and greet with Apolo, I can ask him questions about his training.

What questions would you ask Apolo Ohno about his training for 2014 IRONMAN World Championship Race in Kona with Team CHOCOLATE MILK?




RECAP: Seattle (Half) Marathon 2013

3 years ago my first race was the Seattle Marathon. I was undertrained and overconfident. Needless to say the race didn’t go as planned, which you can read here.

I woke up at 5:30AM sharp! Got ready and caught the bus  to the Seattle Center. The bus was 5 minutes late, go figure!  I arrived and walked fairly quickly to the start to get into the mass corral. Lucky I arrived with 15 minutes to spare. Though I didn’t have enough time to check in my bag. A friend was nice enough to hold it. I made my way to the corral, but for the life of me couldn’t find an opening through the barricades. Me, and everyone else, climbed over the barricades into the corral. I made it just in time. The National Anthem was starting.

BOOM! The gun goes off. It took a few minutes to get to the start line and for the crowd to open up. I started my Garmin. It was the last time I would look at it until the finish line. Miles 1 -4 were great! Running under the monorail tracks, through downtown and then eventually onto the I-90 Express Way. I was running at a comfortable pace. I felt really good.

After coming off I-90, the course turned onto Lake Washington Blvd. Miles 5-6 are my  favorite miles of the entire course. Running by Lake Washington and the great views of the other side of the lake. This part seemed to go faster than I expected. I didn’t want to run too fast, so I ran behind people who were running a decent pace.

I knew what was coming up. The part of that course I wasn’t looking forward to, miles 7-9. Hills. Big hills. These hills kill my legs. I knew that I couldn’t power up them. I ran to the top of the first hill and had to walk for 30 seconds before running up the next hill. Geesh! Needless to say I was really happy when I was at the top.

Miles 10-12. I was starting to run out of steam. I popped a couple of Cytomax chews. It gave me the boost I needed to get through miles 10 and 11. Mile 12 was tough. I was spent! I knew I ran at race at a faster than I wanted to pace. Did I mention this race was the furtherest I ran since my ITBS injury earlier this year? And it was the first long run for my LA Marathon 2014 training.



The last mile I gave it my all. I knew the finish line was close. Before I knew it, I crossed the finish line. I did it! I got my revenge on the Seattle Half Marathon!

I finished in a faster time than I expected – 2:00:05. I planned on running a lot slower, easier pace and not pushing myself too much. Overall not a bad training run!

San Francisco Marathon 2013 Recaps

Usually I would be posting a recap of the San Francisco Marathon. However I was unable to run it this year due to an IT band issue. Instead I’m posting the recaps of my fellow AWESOME San Francisco Ambassadors.

First Half Marathon Recaps

Heather Gonzalez – San Francisco Marathon First Half – Race Recap


Second Half Marathon Recaps

Alisyn Gularte – #SFM2013

Paulette Ference – SF 2nd Half Marathon Race Report

Full Marathon Recaps

Krissy Murphy – WORTH THE HURT: The 2013 San Francisco Marathon Recap

Christopher Malenab – Race Recap: 2013 Wipro San Francisco Marathon

Alyssa Yell – Race Recap: The San Francisco Marathon, take 3

LA Marathon Training – Week #2

It has been a frustrating week for training. I strained my calves after my run on Wednesday, which didn’t help my run on Thursday. It also didn’t help that my birthday and Thanksgiving were this week.

Tuesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 49 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.01
Pace: 8:49
Time: 26:39
Notes: Nice blue sky and clear day for a run. 3 easy miles. Pretty good run.

Wednesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 44 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.05
Pace: 8:49
Time: 26:58
Notes: Birthday run! Planned to run earlier, but it started to rain so I waited. 20 minutes later the rain stopped and I got my run in before it rained again!

Thursday – 3 Miles
Weather: 46 degrees
Actual Miles: 2.03
Pace: 9:31
Time: 19:18
Notes: Started out a little rough. I could feel my calves were a bit strained. I couldn’t take it the uncomfortableness, so decided to stop at 2 miles rather risk further injury.

Sunday – 7 Miles
Weather: 39 degrees, Foggy
Actual Miles: 5.00
Pace: 8:49
Time: 44:27
Notes: Moved my run from Saturday to Sunday to allow my calves extra time to rest. Also decided to take it easy and only run 5 miles instead of the scheduled 7 miles. Since I have to run 5 miles next weekend I will just swap the days. The weather was perfect for the run – cold and foggy!

Total Week #2: 13.09 miles
Total LA Marathon Training: 28.8 miles

San Francisco Marathon Ambassador 2013

I’ve been selected as a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador for 2013! I’m humbled and honored to be selected as an ambassador for a second year! Can’t wait to meet all the new ambassadors and everyone running the San Francisco Marathon!

From the San Francisco Marathon website:

This year we received a record number of Ambassador applications!  A special thank-you to EVERYONE who applied for the Ambassador program, we’re endlessly appreciative to the leaders in this running community.  These 40 enthusiastic runners below are the best of the best, from all over the U.S, ready to lead 25,000 SF Marathoners to the finish line.  Congratulations to our 2012-2013 team!

Rock n Roll Portland 2012

Note: Sorry for the late posting!

I left Seattle on Saturday morning by train to make it to Portland by the afternoon. However, there were issues with the train – they had to replace a wheel and there were some brake issues. I ended up leaving an hour and a half late.

I finally arrived in Portland in the afternoon. I made my way to the hotel by the waterfront. It was right near the finish line and not too far from the start. Check into the hotel, dropped my stuff off and went to Subway for lunch. I think I wolfed down my food in a matter of minutes. Jumped on Max to the convention center.

At the Expo I picked up my bib, swag bag and walked around the expo for about 45 minutes. The expo wasn’t too packed, which was really nice! Much easier to check out each of the booths. I must have had about 10 samples of various food and energy chews. Needless to say, I was stuffed!

My Rock n Roll Portland bib with motivation!

I headed back to the hotel to drop off my swag bag and relax a bit before dinner. I forgot that about 75% of the swag bag is papers and other stuff that I don’t really want. What a waste! I wish they didn’t fill it with so much waste that will just gend up in the trash!

I had no idea what to eat for dinner. I checked Yelp for Italian restaurants and found one that sounded good. However, I could not find it even with the map on my phone! Pretty frustrating, but finally decided on Romano’s Macaroni Grill. I would have rather ate at a local restaurant, but was pretty hungry and just wanted to eat! I ordered a nice bowl of pasta with meat sauce. It really hit the spot and I didn’t feel too full.

Again back to the hotel to relax and get ready for tomorrow. Did my my usual list of things the night prior to a race – laid out my running clothes for the next day, tied my timing chip to my shoes, attached my bib, charged my Garmin, set an alarm for 6:15AM and checked the weather. I usually check a bag into gear check, but luckily did not have anything to check in this time. For the rest of the night I just watched some television. I went to bed around 10:30PM.

Slept really well! Woke up about 6AM, 15 minutes earlier than expected, but still got up and got ready. Showered, dressed, stretched and was ready to go! I did put one of the samples, Jelly Belly Sports Beans, in my back pocket in case I needed an extra boost during the race. Off I went! The start line was just a few blocks from the hotel, so it was a short walk and a nice warm up.

Arrived at the start line, grabbed a water and half a bagel. I was looking for bananas, but the bagel ended up hitting the spot. Found corral 7 and stretched a little bit more. By now it was about 7:45, so had 15 minutes before the race started. The music really got me pumped to run, specifically Calvin Harris “Feel So Close”. I’m not sure why. It was the right song for the right time.

It was finally time for my corral to make it’s way to the start line. We had about 45 seconds to kill, so the announcer held us back. Then…3, 2, 1 and off we went!!

The first 4 miles I ran a nice pace – it just right. I was loving the course! I’ve never been to the east side of Portland. I didn’t know where I was going, which was really nice. No expectations! The bands were nicely spaces, but at some points it seemed that there weren’t any for too long of a stretch.

Around mile 5 there was a nice big hill. As I approached it, I saw a lot of people stop and start to walk up it. The hill reminded me of one of the hills I trained on, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. It was like I was training at home! I powered up the hill and didn’t look back.

After mile 6 it was pretty much down hill until mile 12. I love that there were a lot of people cheering along the way, being that it was so early and that it was the first time this race was held. Some were eating breakfast and had setup a table on the sidewalk. Other were ringing bells, playing music, holding signs and cheering. I have to admit that I was a little emotional around mile 7 when I realized that all the people were out there cheering for everyone. The last few miles I was in my zone. I know I was so close to the finish line. A slight sprinkle of rain started, but it wasn’t that bad. There was a slight uphill at mile 13 and then it flattened out.

Photo by fellow SFM Ambassador Albert. Photobomb by girl in pink.

When I got close to the finish line, I heard someone yell my name. It was fellow San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Albert! He finished about a half hour earlier (yeah, he’s fast!). He ran with me for a short while. We talked for a bit and he snapped some pictures. And before you know it, I crossed the finish line! My time was just under 2 hours – official time 1:59:57!

Fellow SFM Ambassador Albert with our Rock n Roll Portland Medals.

I was in quite the daze after I was finished. I picked up my medal, water, Gatorade, snacks, etc. My arms were full! I finished most of it and made my way over to the free beer booth (priorities!). Drank most of it. It started to rain more and I was getting really cold. I was ready to head back to the hotel to relax before I had to head back to Seattle.

Showered, relaxed, had a quick lunch and headed to the train station. Waited at the train station for awhile to find out that the train would be delayed. 3 hours later I finally boarded the train! When I arrived in Seattle I took a taxi home, since it was a bit late for buses.

Overall I had an awesome time in Portland. I plan to run Rock n Roll Portland 2013!

RECAP: 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland – Half Marathon

It’s official – I have signed up for the inaugural 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland – Half Marathon on May, 20, 2012! I’m excited to finally get a chance to run in Portland.

RECAP: Seattle Half Marathon 2010 – Completed!

I arrived in downtown Seattle around 6:30AM on Sunday, November 28th for the Seattle Half Marathon. I checked in my clothing bag, stretched and anxiously awaited the 7:30AM start time. It was in the low to mid-30s – quite chilly!

The half marathon started promptly at 7:30AM. Though it wasn’t until 7 minutes later that I actually cross the starting line due to the number of people in front of me. The first 4 miles were awesome! Running under the monorail tracks and through downtown.

Around the fifth mile I started to get a dull pain in my calf and knee region. I tried to stretch it out and did a few times, but by the time I was almost at mile 9 the pain was unbearable. I stopped at a aid station just before mile 9. The medic said it was lateral knee pain related to the IT band. I iced the top of my calf and knee for about 5 minutes. I was asked a few times if I need transportation to the finish line. I was determined to finish, only 4 and a half miles to the finish line at this point, even if I had to endure the pain of my hurt leg.

I finally made it to the finish line in a time that I was not proud of – 3 hours and 22 minutes. I was very disappointed in myself and was on the verge of tears when I finished. But I did complete the 13.1 miles. That’s something to be proud of!

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