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Awesome gift!

I received the awesomest gift a few weeks ago from one of my twitter buddies!

This will definitely make my morning runs fun! Thank you again Kristie!



“It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run. JUST RUN!” – Westley

Get out there in run! Speed doesn’t matter. 🙂

Dream never realized

While working out at the gym this morning, a memory from my early teen years came rushing back. I remembered that I wanted to just run and run, as fast as I could. I thought maybe I could run in high school. But I never tried out and never thought that I could do it. A dream that never happened.

Now, some 20+ odd years later I’m finally doing it – I’m running! And have lots of encouragement from my sponsor, friends, and the running community. It all happened for a reason.

whoa, whoa…back up! How did even get into running? A friend mentioned that he was doing his second marathon and that kind of sparked something in me. I thought I should start running. Fast forward to today. It all happened for a reason.

Maybe it was meant to happen now in my life.

Needed to run 10, ran 3

Woke up early this morning to do a 10 mile training run. Was feeling good when I started, legs were a bit sore, but they have been sore for the last week. So it was expected.

As the run progressed my legs started to feel heavy. I started to feel a bit of pain in my lower left leg. By mile 3 the pain was unbearable. I could not run any longer. I stopped.

I was very disappointed that I could not finish my run. But it was best that I stopped. I didn’t want to injury myself more. The rest of the day was spent icing my sore legs.

Let’s hope that my legs are recovered by the middle of the week, so I can try to get the 10 mile training run in before the half marathon on Saturday.

I’m giving away a pair of Brooks Running Shorts!

I recently ordered a pair of men’s 5″ Brooks Running shorts. However, by error they sent me a pair of women’s 5″ running shorts. I asked if I should send the shorts back, but they said I could keep them.

I’ve decided to give them away to my 500th twitter follower! Follow me @runwithwes

Please note that I’m not in any way affiliated or sponsored by Brooks Running.

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Achilles Tendonitis

Ow! I have a bad case of tendonitis in my right Achilles tendon. Unfortunately now I have to decrease my training while my tendon slowly heals. Until it gets better I must ice, ice, ice!


I’ve been sick for the last couple of days and unable to train. I hope I’m better enough on Tuesday morning to get a short run in.

Training has started!

Today was the start of training for the upcoming marathon. I’m training at a local gym due to the cold, rainy weather this time of year. I can’t wait until the weather is better to run outside!

I did a few miles on the elliptical and plan to slowly work my way into training over the next week.

The next big run is…

Seattle Rock'n'Roll Marathon 2011

The Seattle Rock’n’Roll Marathon on June 25th, 2011! I’m really excited to finally run a full marathon. Training will start in a few months. Stay tuned!

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