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10 marathons I want to run

I’ve been thinking about the  10 marathons that I would like to eventually run. The list has been stewing in my brain for awhile. But now it’s time to share it with the rest of the world! These are in no particular order.

  1. ING New York City Marathon – One of the largest marathons with lots of history. I’ve been trying for the last two years to gain entry into the race via the lottery with no success. Hopefully it’s in the cards for 2014!
  2. Boston Marathon – THE marathon everyone strives to run. I most likely will have to raise money for charity to run this, because I’m not that fast. Quite honestly, I would feel honored to raise money for a charity to run this marathon!
  3. Big Sur International Marathon – I saw an awesome picture of runners on the Bixby Bridge. I was sold! Plus friends tell me how much they love this marathon.
  4. Chicago Marathon – Another marathon that you have to run just once. I’ve only been to the airport, never actually in the city. It would be an AWESOME way to see the city!
  5. Marine Corps Marathon – Another marathon that my friends talk about. Plus it’s another city that I haven’t been to.
  6. Portland Marathon – I’ve ran the Rock N Roll Portland half marathon and loved running in this city. Plus I live only a few hours from Portland.
  7. LA Marathon – Earlier this year I attempted to run this marathon, but due to IT band issues I had to DNF. I WILL be back in 2014 to start AND finish this race. There will be a lot of emotion when I cross that finish line!
  8. Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon – I’ve run the half marathon a few years. It was actually my first race ever. But I need to run the full and I will be running it this December!
  9. California International Marathon – Every year I think about doing this race. But it never makes it onto my schedule. I’ve looked at the course map many, many times.
  10. Eugene Marathon – I’ve been eyeing this one since I started running. Great running town! You get to finish on Hayward Field. How awesome is that?!

What are your top 10 marathons?


Hood To Coast 2013. I’m in!

I don’t remember how, when or where I heard about Hood To Coast. I do know that I was intrigued. I heard there was a documentary made about the relay. I had no idea what to expect. I watched it. I was instantly hooked and decided that I HAD to run the relay one day. I mentioned on twitter that I would like to join a team one day. Even contacted a few people about joining or being an alternate on their team. Unfortunately I never heard anything back.

A couple of months ago a friend told me about a team that was looking to add two more people to their Hood To Coast team. I reached out to fellow San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Chris to see if he wanted to join. His response was, “HELL YES!”. I emailed the Captain and just like that we were on the team! Woohoo!

Hood To Coast Legs 10, 22, 34

The team name is Pure Michigan. I haven’t met anyone on the team yet (except for Chris), but talking with the team online they are really cool and fun! And I’m runner 10, which means I’ll be running legs 10, 22, and 34.

I’m REALLY excited. I’m happy that I will be able to finally run this relay! I’ve already started to make a list of items I need to bring. I’m saving that for another post.

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New York City Marathon 2013

Doh! It wasn’t in the cards again. This is the second year I was denied, but I will apply again next year!

NYC Marathon 2013

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