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LA Marathon Training – Week #10 & #11

Again with the crazy weather, errands, travelling, and a wedding. I had little time to run. I know – excuses, excuses! I only managed to run very low miles. But not enough.

Total Week #10 & #11 Miles:  8.66 miles
Total LA Marathon Training Miles: 157.87 miles


LA Marathon Training – Week #9

With the crazy weather (freezing temps, icy roads/sidewalks and some rain) this week, I didn’t get nearly as many miles that were on my schedule. However, when I did run I felt really good. Pace is getting more consistent.

Wednesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 42 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.10
Pace: 8:20
Time: 25:50
Notes: Found a break in the weather to run a quick 5k. Legs felt great!

Saturday – 10 Miles
Weather: 34 degrees
Actual Miles: 10.01
Pace: 8:38
Time: 1:26:29
Notes:  I ran my ass off. Lots of hills – my legs were working overtime! There was ice here and there, managed to avoid it and not slip. Fastest hilly run, so far.

Total Week #9 Miles:  13.11 miles
Total LA Marathon Training Miles: 149.21 miles

LA Marathon Training – Week #8

Happy New Year! I can feel myself getting faster with each run. My middle of the week mileage will be going up next week. Excited to start ramping up more!

Tuesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 41 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.00
Pace: 8:42
Time: 26:06
Notes: New Year Day run! Was a bit dehydrated and tired during the run. But overall a good run!

Wednesday – 6 Miles
Weather: 45 degrees
Actual Miles: 6.00
Pace: 8:42
Time: 51:56
Notes: The perfect weather for a run – sunny and 45 degrees. Legs felt fresh. Time was not too far from my ‘flat’ run last week

Thursday – 3 Miles
Weather: 28 degrees
Actual Miles: 4.00
Pace: 8:20
Time: 33:24
Notes: Coldest and fastest run, so far! Let felt really good. My schedule had 3, but ended up running 4. Fastest 5k (so far) of my training – 25:52. Surprised at my pace at the end!

Saturday – 13.1 Miles
Weather: 42 degrees
Actual Miles: 13.11
Pace: 8:57
Time: 1:57:04
Notes: One of those runs where I really didn’t feel like running. At mile 2 I still wasn’t feeling it. By mile 5 I told myself that I was almost there. Mile 6 – 13 were a blur. I finished strong! My pace was all over the place – not consistent at all. And I did not have any nutrition or water or electrolytes during my run. Luckily my run ended at a Starbucks where I bought a water.

Total Week #8 Miles:  26.11 miles
Total LA Marathon Training Miles: 136.10 miles

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