LA Marathon Training – Week #5

Toughest week yet. Decided to switch from my motion control shoes to my neutral shoes to see if it would alleviate the soreness in my claves. However, my ankles were quite sore since my ankles move differently in the neutral shoes. I painfully decided to take off more days than usual from running schedule this week to rest my calves and ankles. I didn’t want to do it, but it is definitely in my legs best interest. I decided to not run on Friday or Saturday.

Tuesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 43 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.10
Pace: 8:57
Time: 27:35
Notes: The forecast looked like no rain, but just as I left it started to rain.Calves felt a little sore. First run with the neutral shoes since September. But switching shoes might have not helped. Overal an alright run.

Thursday – 5 Miles
Weather: 39 degrees
Actual Miles: 1.52
Pace: 9:41
Time: 14:36
Notes: My legs are not use to the neutral shoes. Ankles were really sore. As much as I wanted to finish my run, I ultimately decided to walk the short distance back home. Disappointed, but most likely saved myself from further soreness.

Sunday – 10 Miles
Weather: 41 degrees
Actual Miles: 10.10
Pace: 9.23
Time: 1:34:01
Notes: Went back to my motion control shoes to avoid any soreness from the neutral shoes. Legs felt a little stiff during the first two miles. Stop at mile 2.25 to catch my breath and reflect on the week. Nice view of the Space Needle on my short break. Almost felt like I should stop after 5 miles, but got a second wind and ultimately finish strong.

Total Week #5: 14.72 miles
Total LA Marathon Training: 81.01 miles


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