Giveaway: Trailheads HyperReflect Running Gloves

My friends over at Trailheads are giving away a pair of these awesome running gloves! I have reviewed a pair of the Trailheads HyperReflect Running Gloves (which you can read here!). Let me tell you, I absolutely love them. One of the most comfortable pair of running gloves that I have owned!

Image courtesy of Trailheads

Image courtesy of Trailheads

What do you need to do to win these awesome gloves?

  1. Follow me
  2. Follow Trailheads
  3. Like Trailheads on Facebook
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  5. And finally, comment and tell me why you need these awesome gloves!

Giveaway ends December 21st at 12:00PM PST. Giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents. 

The giveaway is now closed!


The winner of the Trailheads HyperReflect Running Gloves is…


Congrats! Thank you to everyone who entered!


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  1. I need a new pair of gloves because I lost my last pair of gloves at the California International Marathon typhoon … okay typhoon might be an exaggeration, but we aren’t familiar with Northwest type of weather during our runs!

  2. I need these gloves because I can’t seem to find a pair of gloves that keep my hands warm. I’ve tried lots of different types and brands and still get super cold, I would hope these might do the trick!

    • Congrats! You are the winner of the HyperReflect Running Gloves! Please send me your mailing address and size.1

  3. I NEED these because I trail run in Colorado, and it’s frickin freezing right now! My last morning run it was 4F… I have some gloves, but not heavy enough, and my fingers were freezing! Thanks!

  4. I need these gloves because NY is freeking cold!

  5. Hey Wes, I did all the above and now, I could use these Trailhead gloves to keep my fingers toasty warm on my winter night runs!!!

  6. G’day Wes! Thanks for turning me on to Trail Heads! These gloves look amazing…and, I know I would definitely put them to the test out here in the middle of “nowhere Nebraska”, lol! I’ll be training for my first marathon (Lincoln, NE Marathon, May 5th) beginning at the end of January & going through February – THE coldest months around here! And I do all my training outside…I’d love to see how these gloves would hold up in these conditions. Thanks again for introducing me to Trail Heads!!!

  7. I’d love to win these gloves and pass them on to my dad who is running in the northern parts of Sweden. He’s getting out there in -20 degrees C and tons of snow to do what he needs to do to prepare for his marathons coming season.

  8. I am a novice runner, stopped smoking after 35 years. Trying to continue into the winter months and struggling to stay comfortable, either too hot or too cold. Good gloves would be great!

  9. Well, here I am again! I love to win things! I want to win these gloves, because if there is any part of my winter running attire that is lacking, it is my glove attire! So in winter months in Cheney, gloves are a much needed commodity for my running!

  10. Keeping it simple here. It is cold and wet and I don’t have any gloves.

  11. I would love to give them to my dad!

  12. These would be perfect for me because Colorado weather tends to be schizophrenic and I always need to be prepared for whatever she throws at me.

  13. I need these because I run in Minnesota 🙂

  14. My hands are always cold so I could really use a great pair of gloves. I normally run alone early in the morning so anything that makes me easier for cars to see is a huge plus.

  15. I need these gloves because in gets cold and wet and icy. They would be perfect for my winter road and trail runs.

  16. I need a new pair of running gloves because it’s been as low as 32* here and very, very windy, thus making the chill factor feel even more cold. I’m also running my first night race for New Year’s 2013 and therefore need something with a reflective accent to be seen at night.

  17. I need these because I dont have a pair of running gloves yet, and I think that could be a problem now that I live in the Allegheny mountains instead of the Phoenix desert 🙂

  18. I need some gloves for my 100K Trail race coming up in January!

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