LA Marathon Training – Week #2

It has been a frustrating week for training. I strained my calves after my run on Wednesday, which didn’t help my run on Thursday. It also didn’t help that my birthday and Thanksgiving were this week.

Tuesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 49 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.01
Pace: 8:49
Time: 26:39
Notes: Nice blue sky and clear day for a run. 3 easy miles. Pretty good run.

Wednesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 44 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.05
Pace: 8:49
Time: 26:58
Notes: Birthday run! Planned to run earlier, but it started to rain so I waited. 20 minutes later the rain stopped and I got my run in before it rained again!

Thursday – 3 Miles
Weather: 46 degrees
Actual Miles: 2.03
Pace: 9:31
Time: 19:18
Notes: Started out a little rough. I could feel my calves were a bit strained. I couldn’t take it the uncomfortableness, so decided to stop at 2 miles rather risk further injury.

Sunday – 7 Miles
Weather: 39 degrees, Foggy
Actual Miles: 5.00
Pace: 8:49
Time: 44:27
Notes: Moved my run from Saturday to Sunday to allow my calves extra time to rest. Also decided to take it easy and only run 5 miles instead of the scheduled 7 miles. Since I have to run 5 miles next weekend I will just swap the days. The weather was perfect for the run – cold and foggy!

Total Week #2: 13.09 miles
Total LA Marathon Training: 28.8 miles


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