LA Marathon Training – Week #1

Good first week of training. Feels nice to be back in the groove of things!

I decided to switch from my Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 7’s to my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s. I switched because I felt that I needed more support and the ventilation on the Brooks isn’t as open as the Asics, thus keeping my feet warmer! Luckily the Brooks have a couple of hundred miles left on them. I will definitely be looking into a shoe that is between a Noosa and an Adrenaline.

My training is a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule with Saturday being the long run.

Tuesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 47 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.00
Pace: 9:31
Time: 28:46
Notes: Start of my LA Marathon training! Didn’t feel like running, because I just didn’t feel good. Managed to squeeze out 3 painful miles.

Wednesday – 3 Miles
Weather: 50 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.00
Pace: 9.23
Time: 28:01
Notes: Felt blah! Body just didn’t want to run. The weather was perfect – dry and sunny. A chatty fellow asked how many I was running. People were outside being super chipper.

Thursday – 3 Miles
Weather: 46 degrees
Actual Miles: 3.01
Pace: 8:57
Time: 27:01
Notes: Better than my previous two days. Felt a lot better. However, my legs were a bit sore.

Saturday – 6 Miles
Weather: 50 degrees
Actual Miles: 6.18
Pace: 9:23
Time: 58:12
Notes: Picked a course with a LOT of uphill. Super hilly! Probably not the best idea for week 1 training. Around mile 2 I felt like I had absolutely no energy, then got a nice burst of energy around mile 3. Not a bad 6 miles. Overall a good run and end of week 1!

Total Week #1: 15.19 miles
Total LA Marathon Training: 15.19 miles


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