Calf Tightness

Lately I haven’t been running as much as I normally do. Earlier in the year I had a tight calf muscle. I went to a Physical Therapist (PT) and they worked the muscles for a few weeks. This seems like the same injury. But, thankfully, not even as bad. I’ve been rolling the calf muscle out every night. Icing and ibuprofen during the day. It seems to be getting A LOT better!

I ran through injuries or tight muscles when I first started running years ago. As I gained experience, knowledge and patience as a runner, I learned to not run through injuries or tight muscles and that rest is your friend! I’m taking it slow with this calf muscle tightness. Not going to put high mileage on it until it feels right again.

It should be good in about 2 weeks. Definitely more time then is needed, but I’d rather be safe than sorry!


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  1. This is the worst. I think I hurt myself this Thanksgiving during the Turkey Trot 10k – I know I didn’t stretch enough. The area that’s tightening up for me is right below my calf but above my achilles. I’ve read up on it online, and it sounds like an “soleus strain.” I had to stop my run yesterday about half a mile in because it was so sore.

    I’ve been icing it, massaging it, and applying heat. Need to try compression. But for the most part, I’m the type to keep moving and run through it. I’m thinking I’ll just have to take it light this week and see how it goes, but it’s not a comfortable feeling at all.

    Open to suggestions if you have any!

    • Sorry for the late reply. How are your calves doing?

      I’ve had success with taking time off from running for a few days, icing, compression and elevating (R.I.C.E). I also take an ibuprofen if I feel that there is swelling or pain.

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