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Calf Tightness

Lately I haven’t been running as much as I normally do. Earlier in the year I had a tight calf muscle. I went to a Physical Therapist (PT) and they worked the muscles for a few weeks. This seems like the same injury. But, thankfully, not even as bad. I’ve been rolling the calf muscle out every night. Icing and ibuprofen during the day. It seems to be getting A LOT better!

I ran through injuries or tight muscles when I first started running years ago. As I gained experience, knowledge and patience as a runner, I learned to not run through injuries or tight muscles and that rest is your friend! I’m taking it slow with this calf muscle tightness. Not going to put high mileage on it until it feels right again.

It should be good in about 2 weeks. Definitely more time then is needed, but I’d rather be safe than sorry!


6 months ago, this happened.

Back in May on a tyical Friday afternoon I left work early. Rode my usual buses to the University District to make my way home. I hopped onto bus 43 at it’s first stop. I boarded, swiped my bus pass, said hi to the driver, and sat down in a seat in the middle of the bus. A few minutes later the bus departed for its second stop on the route. I checked email on my phone like I normally do.

The bus stopped at the second stop. Four people boarded including a lady in a wheelchair, which took a little longer since the bus driver has to use the lift. He strapped her in with the seat belts to secure the wheelchair. The bus waited at the red light for a few seconds before it turned green. We were off…

Just as the bus was almost through the intersection a stolen SUV (which I did not know at the time) slams into the left side of the bus, just below the bus driver’s seat.

I feel the push of whatever it was (at the time I had no idea what happened). I say, “Oh shit!” I then look right to see a police officer running down the street. I still have no idea what’s going on.

I ask if everyone is ok. Two passengers look at me with blank stares. I could see they were ok, because they were standing and starting to dial numbers on their phones. The lady in the wheelchair slumped over with head almost touching the floor. I lift her back into her wheelchair so that she is sitting upright. She complained of hip pain. I run up to the driver and ask if he is ok. He says, “I just need a little time to relax.” I ask the other passenger of they are ok. A passenger tells me they hit their head. I can see the mark of their makeup where their head hit the metal box behind the driver. I go to the lady in the wheelchair. I feel helpless as I can’t really do anything else than comfort her and tell her it will be alright. She asks me if I can call someone for her. I pick her iPhone off the floor and find the person she wants me to call for her. I hold the phone up to her ear so she can talk to them. The phone rang a few times after, each time I held the phone to her ear so she could talk to them. During this time police and paramedics boarded the bus. They asked for everyone’s information.

The paramedics first removed the bus driver from the bus on a backboard, then the the person with the head injury and last the lady in the wheelchair. They had to lift the lady out of her wheelchair to get her off the bus. The wheelchair was broken, taking her with the wheelchair was not an option. As they were taking her off the bus her phone rang. The caller asked where they were taking her. I asked the paramedics and relayed the information to the caller. I hung up, handed the phone to the paramedics and walked off the bus. I caught another bus home. A short time later I was contact by the TV station.

It was a surreal day.

I could not upload the video to my blog. Here is a link to the KIRO interview. Police chase ends in busy U-District intersection crash

LA Marathon 2013 – Training Schedule

I’ve decided to manage my training schedule differently for the LA Marathon. I usually write my training schedule down on paper. Each week, rest days and miles for each day. I decided to input my training schedule into iCal. This way I can setup a reminder to alert me when I wake up about how many miles I need to run that day. It didn’t take too long to input the information and now is much easier to manage!

When I train, I usually use Hal Higdon’s pre-made training schedule. There is a training plan for everyone. I highly recommend them!

Hal Higdon Marathon Training Guide
Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Guide

Los Angeles Marathon here I come!

I’ve been wanting to run a race in Los Angeles for awhile now. I thought about the Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon, but it didn’t fit into my schedule. Then I heard a lot of chatter on twitter that the LA Marathon registration was opening on October 1st. The race would fit perfectly into my schedule since it is on Sunday, March 17th!

LA Marathon 2013

So I thought about it and and thought it…and now I’m officially registered for the LA Marathon!

Training will be a bit challenging since it is during the cold, rainy and sometimes snowy (yes, it does sometimes snow in Seattle!) months.

San Francisco Marathon Ambassador 2013

I’ve been selected as a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador for 2013! I’m humbled and honored to be selected as an ambassador for a second year! Can’t wait to meet all the new ambassadors and everyone running the San Francisco Marathon!

From the San Francisco Marathon website:

This year we received a record number of Ambassador applications!  A special thank-you to EVERYONE who applied for the Ambassador program, we’re endlessly appreciative to the leaders in this running community.  These 40 enthusiastic runners below are the best of the best, from all over the U.S, ready to lead 25,000 SF Marathoners to the finish line.  Congratulations to our 2012-2013 team!

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