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A·chil·les [uh-kil-eez]

Achilles tendon n. 
The large tendon connecting the heel bone to the calf muscle ofthe leg. Also called calcanean tendon heel tendon .

Over the last week my achilles has been acting up more and more. I haven’t run or exercised in awhile to let it rest and heal. the first half marathon of the year is in May, so I’m not too worried about training at this point.

Friday was by far one of the worst days yet. I woke up at 5:30AM, my achilles felt the same way as it has been – sore, rubbery. I took a shower, got dressed, made breakfast, and had some coffee. My achilles felt way more sore than usual. I was almost out the door. Going back and forth if I should risk going into work, but decided to work from home since the soreness was unbearable. I spent most of the day with my leg up and a few ibuprofen throughout the day.

I’ve been doing some strengthening exercises, icing, taking ibprofen, and recently started wearing some old running shoes as my daily shoes. They have more support than my regular shoes and seem to be helping out a lot.

I’m excited for my physical therapy appoint next Friday. I hope they can help nip this achilles in the…heal! 🙂


Your Gift.

“Running is the gift that keeps on giving.” – Westley

Use your gift everyday. Get out there and run! 🙂


To The Sports Doctor!

My right thigh muscle and achilles have been feeling a but tight lately. I decided it was time to see the sports doctors to make sure they both were a-ok. I didn’t want to get halfway through my training to find out that I injured myself more.

The doctor examined my thigh and achilles. Pressed and moved it in different ways to see if it hurt at all. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He then x-rayed both knees to see if the bones and muscles looked different from each another. There was a little bit of swelling in my right thigh muscle, but nothing he was concerned about.

I’m thinking, “Great! He didn’t find anything. Am I going crazy?” So he prescribed physical therapy for 4-6 weeks, 2 times a week for “an aggressive stretching program” to loosen up the muscles and told me to take Advil twice a day.

The BIG question that I had for the doctor…Can I still run?! He said I should be fine since it doesn’t hurt when I run.

Hopefully the tightness will be gone in a few weeks! after the physical therapy sessions.

Thank you PowerBar!

PowerBar Team Elite

My two year sponsorship with PowerBar has officially ended.

I’d like to thank PowerBar for a great two years! They gave me the tools to inspire me to be a better runner! I hope to be part of the PowerBar Team Elite again one day.

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