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2012 Goals

Goals are good to have. They keep life exciting and interesting! I’ve been thinking about goals for 2012. Here are some of my goals, as of right now:

  • Run 1200 miles
  • Run 5K in 20minutes or less
  • This is it for now. I will be updating this list frequently.


    Dream never realized

    While working out at the gym this morning, a memory from my early teen years came rushing back. I remembered that I wanted to just run and run, as fast as I could. I thought maybe I could run in high school. But I never tried out and never thought that I could do it. A dream that never happened.

    Now, some 20+ odd years later I’m finally doing it – I’m running! And have lots of encouragement from my sponsor, friends, and the running community. It all happened for a reason.

    whoa, whoa…back up! How did even get into running? A friend mentioned that he was doing his second marathon and that kind of sparked something in me. I thought I should start running. Fast forward to today. It all happened for a reason.

    Maybe it was meant to happen now in my life.

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