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RECAP: Seattle Half Marathon 2010 – Completed!

I arrived in downtown Seattle around 6:30AM on Sunday, November 28th for the Seattle Half Marathon. I checked in my clothing bag, stretched and anxiously awaited the 7:30AM start time. It was in the low to mid-30s – quite chilly!

The half marathon started promptly at 7:30AM. Though it wasn’t until 7 minutes later that I actually cross the starting line due to the number of people in front of me. The first 4 miles were awesome! Running under the monorail tracks and through downtown.

Around the fifth mile I started to get a dull pain in my calf and knee region. I tried to stretch it out and did a few times, but by the time I was almost at mile 9 the pain was unbearable. I stopped at a aid station just before mile 9. The medic said it was lateral knee pain related to the IT band. I iced the top of my calf and knee for about 5 minutes. I was asked a few times if I need transportation to the finish line. I was determined to finish, only 4 and a half miles to the finish line at this point, even if I had to endure the pain of my hurt leg.

I finally made it to the finish line in a time that I was not proud of – 3 hours and 22 minutes. I was very disappointed in myself and was on the verge of tears when I finished. But I did complete the 13.1 miles. That’s something to be proud of!

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